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Q ::     I have found a wedding invitation I love, but it’s the wrong colour.  Can I have it in lime green and purple?

A ::     Ordinarily I would say no, as I don’t want you to offend your guests, but seems as I have just decorated my lounge in those exact colours, I will say yes!  In fact you can have your stationery printed in any colour you choose, I have just made all the samples in pink and green so they look like a set.  I love a bit of co-ordination!


Q ::     I have found a design I like for the invitations, but I also need orders of service and a table plan to match, as well as some signs for the car park.  Can you make these items as well?

A ::     Of course. Once you have chosen your design, I can print and design all the stationery, signage, favours and quirky little touches that you need.  Please pop onto the pick & mix page for a sample of different items available.


Q ::     I need my invites this week, can you still help?

A ::     If I can, I will.  I hate seeing a couple in a pickle!  The best thing is to give me a call and we can go from there.  Don’t dismay!!


Q ::     I like your designs but there is nothing here that is quite right.  Have you got any other designs?

A ::     I am beavering away on new designs and ideas all the time, so please check out my Blog or my Facebook page for more ideas and inspiration.  If you’re still stuck, then complete the Bespoke Stationery Questionnaire (it’s not as scary as it sounds) and I will make something just for you.


Q ::     I love your design SO much that I want to spread it all over my wall.  Can you help?

A ::     We don’t yet have the technology to make our designs spreadable, but you can have them printed on a canvas and then hand embellished.  You will need to provide the hammer and nails, I will do the rest. 

Q ::     I have found the perfect design, but I need it on an envelopment or a pocketfold.  Can this be done?

A ::     There is good news and bad news.  The happy part is that I can embellish pocketfold invitations or I can print the design on a pretty tag to attach to the front.  The design can then be printed on the inserts, of which I offer oodles of options.  The bad bit, is that my printer thinks pocketfolds taste yummy.  It’s not pretty and I refuse to feed his appetite.  Naughty boy!


Q ::     I don’t want a wedding planner, I would just like to order some stationery.  Is that ok?

A ::     Of course, our minimum quantity is 25 for invitations, so if that’s all you need, then you are in the right place.


Q ::     I am interested in using your wedding planning services, will you try to help me save money?

A ::     In a word ‘YES’.  Some planners work on a commission basis, where they take a kick back from any suppliers that they organise for you.  I don’t like working this way, so I charge you a fair rate for the hours I need to organise your wedding and then do my best to negotiate discounts with suppliers on your behalf.  Anything that the supplier will discount comes straight to you, not to me.  If you then want to use a few of these savings to lavish me in cupcakes and peonies, then please feel free.  It’s unlikely that this will cause offence.


Q ::     I live in Lands End and we are getting married in Australia, can you help?

A ::     Yes!  If you visit the brides section you will see I have clients far and wide with weddings all over the world.  The internet makes it much easier to have meetings, share ideas, send links and graphics and sign everything off remotely.  If you want a face to face meeting, this can be organised too, just pop me an email with your wedding details or give me a call.  Please note that due to a recent meeting where I was stuck the opposite side of the M1 from my lovely bride to be, I no longer recommend motorway services as a useful in between point.  They may seem convenient, but they can have six lanes of traffic in the way of a decent conversation.


Q ::     I need some help with my wedding, but I have made my own invites.  Do I have to use you for stationery?

A ::     Not at all, lots of brides love making their own stationery, it gives your wedding a wonderful personal touch.  If you would like to look into my planning and styling packages, then please click on the links. 


Q ::     I have chosen all my wedding stationery but have yet to find a fiancé, can you help?

A ::     There are some organisational tasks that even a wedding planner will struggle with.  However, you can order any of my stationery for birthday parties, family celebrations and event announcements too.  Everyone deserves a Little Fish invitation to sparkle up their morning.


Q ::     I have more than 200 guests coming to my wedding, do you offer any discounts?

A ::     My father has drilled into me that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Please get in touch with any queries on larger weddings and I will see where I can discount some of your stationery.


Q ::     I think I am going mad trying to organise my wedding.  Can you help?

A ::     I make it my personal goal not to have any of my bride or grooms locked away before the Big Day!  Why not consider a Brainstorming session to get you on the right path?


Q ::     I have read you have chickens.  Do you have eggs for sale?

A ::      Well done for finding that section of the site unfortunately my children are pancake crazy, so unless you want to wrestle an egg from a two year old (who has a vice like grip) then you would be better to make alternative arrangements.


Q ::     My mother-in-law-to-be is demanding that Great Uncle Frank does a speech.  Will you talk to her for me?

A ::     Weddings are very emotional events where many members of the family want to be involved in different ways.  I suggest you make sure Frank has his teeth in and his trousers on and let him say a few words.  If he starts singing ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ and weeping, there is a man at my local pub who will help for a fee of around £2,000


Q ::     I bet you love your job, what do I need to do to become a wedding planner?

A ::     Most of the time I do love my job, it’s incredibly hard work but very rewarding and satisfying too.  If you have an idea that it’s all about pink fizz, choosing wedding dresses and wandering around glorious venues, then you are going to hit the ground with a bump.  It’s very hard work, you  have to put in long hours and spend lots of time on the phone and computer.  In the summer, I often work until 2am and on the morning of a wedding I will be at the venue, knee deep in foliage, chiffon drape and drawing pins at 5am… often with no coffee.  I know… scandalous!  If you want to pursue wedding planning as a career, you need to start organising events, the bigger the better, but any experience is great.  From proms, to university balls, charity events and Christmas parties, each event will give you the key skills to build up the knowledge and expertise you need.  If you want to see how I got into wedding planning, please click on the link all about me.

Q ::     I have seen your design on another site at a cheaper price, will you price match?

A ::     Oh really?  I make all my own invitations and design all the graphics personally.  I don’t buy images, I use a mouse to scribble them onto the screen and painstakingly alter every infinitesimal detail until I have a unique, contemporary invitation that I am proud of.  If you have seen my invitation somewhere else, I would like very much to hear about it so I can organise some suited lawyer types to ask some pertinent questions!

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