29th July 2006

Chloe & Matthew Anderson-Darwin

The Austwick Traddock Hotel, Lancashire 


I first met Hannah at the Yorkshire Brides show and we booked her services straight away.  Over a coffee we chatted about ourselves what I liked etc and from this she created our storyboard.  It was perfect!  Months of reading magazines and searching the internet could not have got it so right.  From then on we had only a couple of decisions to make and our wedding was arranged.   

The storyboard gives you individual, different ideas to spark your interest.  From statuettes to an evening ice-cream van with colour co-ordinated flavours and candy floss, everything flows.  Hannah’s invitations were like gift packs for our guests.  There were sweet jars in the guest rooms and itinerary cards, and then drink tokens on the champagne glasses, which entertained the guest during the reception.  The potted herbs used as favours with recipe tips, it was these touches that made our day extra special and different from a ‘normal’ wedding.


Hannah's expertise didn't stop just on my wedding day, the idea of a summer BBQ and roulette table with our own printed money for the Friday evening was fantastic and a great ice breaker.  Her dedication to you and your wedding is unquestionable.  She is invaluable and I am pleased to say she is a friend I will cherish long after my wedding.


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