25th August 2002

Suzy & Adrian Sheehan

Makeney Hall Hotel, Derbyshire


I met Hannah at a mutual friend's wedding and having seen her organisational skills and creativity first hand, I organised to meet up with her.  In addition to designing and making our fantastic stationery she came up with some great ideas and quickly became an invaluable support mechanism for me. As minor problems arose it was Hannah that I called for advice, action and sometimes just for support!


On the day of the wedding Hannah quickly went into action. The amount of babysitting required for five bridesmaids, an anxious mum and mum-in-law-to-be, plus one stressed out bride cannot be overestimated! Hannah breezed around, effortlessly coordinating people, outfits, shoes and flowers, helping anyone who needed assistance and mending or adjusting as necessary. She was a little star!


Having Hannah on hand meant that I could relax and enjoy the preparations.  I would strongly recommend her services for any bride, whether the wedding is small or large, formal or a bit crazy! She's great fun, but also incredibly professional and efficient



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